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Teaching and Learning Innovation Symposium
Hong Kong, 6-8 June, 2010

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University in collaboration with the Educational Development Centre and the eLearning Advocates representing all Faculties and Schools hosted a symposium focusing on the innovative and transformational aspects of using technology to enhance teaching and learning.

The Symposium also coincided with the presentation of the Teaching and Learning Innovation Award 2010.

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Twenty-first century education integrates technologies, engaging students in ways not previously possible, creating new learning and teaching possibilities, enhancing achievement and extending interactions with local and global communities. As we move into the next decade this symposium is an ideal opportunity for Hong Kong (and international) educators to;
  • Share exemplary practice in relation to Teaching and (e)Learning / Blended Learning
  • Celebrate achievements to date in the area of Teaching and Learning Innovation
  • Investigate new approaches and models for Teaching and Learning
  • Explore the changing educational landscape both locally and internationally as impacted by technology

Keynote by Prof. Gilly Salmon
Keynote by Gilbert Ho – Head of Market Development, Apple Asia Education
Lucky Prize draw Adobe and ART GROUP LIMITED;
Pre-Symposium Social Events
Post-Symposium Workshop

The Teaching and Learning Innovation Symposium is both a local and international forum for practitioners, researchers and policy-makers from all sectors to explore, reflect, collaborate and learn from each other. The key question here is how pedagogically led technology practices can contribute sustainable and meaningful change to teaching and learning within a University context and how to prepare students for living and working in a digital world.

*The main symposium as a sponsored event is FREE to participants. The Pre-Symposium networking events have an associated cost for registration.